I really do understand the more nuanced, Govian Leave side. As an American, how could I not sympathize with the desire for self-governance and the fight against undemocratic uses of taxpayer money? Ultimately though, that narrative was probably irrelevant, or at least impossible to distinguish amidst the torrent of racism supporting Leave.

Also, those sorts of Liberty and Justice arguments seem outweighed by the absolute crushing weight of reality that is dropping on England. It won’t take long before they find out exactly how irrelevant their little island is; how easy it is for City banks, sadly the only exceptional thing left in the country, to up stakes for Frankfurt and New York; how vindictive Brussels bureaucrats can be when the European project hinges on the relative success or failure of their experiment in departure; and how little interest the United States will have in their problems without the power of the EU.
Very interested to see how Labour deals with this. Blairites are already pivoting to blame anti-capitalist critics of the EU for Leave, which is the same bullshit argument deployed against Nader voters in Florida, and with the same intent to discredit (and then destroy) the Left. They’ll hang Corbyn for this. Labour had it coming, though. When the party of the working class turns neoliberal and spends the next two decades shredding their base constituency, can we really be surprised when those spurned voters turn to Nigel Farage, who might be a worthless cunt but is at least recognizably a human being? It’s a shame that the media are casting this as a morality play of Young Multiethnic Professionals vs. Old White Racists when they should be blaming Thatcher and New Labour, but it’s not a real surprise and the situation of course has no parallels whatsoever with American politics.

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