I’m feeling lazy this week, so I’ll spare y’all a rant. Got some great stuff to read though! Archives here.


In other news, Sepp Blatter: “Never mind.”,  a major European government falls because people heard what they actually talk about, a ho-ed bro disparages his ho-less associate, country singer Randy Howard wishes he were alive to write a song about his ridiculous death, stopped clocks are indeed right twice a day, this lady pretended to be black and ran the NAACP chapter in Spokane and taught African studies WHAT YOU GUYS??? I love this story, and hey, who’s ready to re-invade Iraq? Can we do Vietnam next?


  1. Alex Perry and Connie Agius, “Mastermind: The evil genius behind the migrant crisis” for Newsweek.

Newsweek coming from behind! A really interesting dive into the criminal organizations running the migrant flow into Europe. Smugglers handle the transport, but the Mafia gets a cut.

  1. Walter Chaw, “Jurassic World” on Film Freak Central.

Movie review. You gotta love Walter Chaw. Jurassic World as Dada-ist abstraction and/or porn. There’s a lot of weirdness about Jurassic World. Personally, I enjoyed it. I thought it was similar to the Avengers; it was the archetypal blockbuster, the opposite of outsider art, plot algorithms regurgitating the minimum required dramatic tension before the next CGI explosion/dino attack, the appealing Alpha Male Lead (literally in JW, I guess another example of what Chaw calls a conflation of animal and human) standing tall, the lovely Female Lead gradually losing clothing (yet still running around in heels…). I’m thinking about this too much. It was an entertaining movie. And it made a half-billion dollars. Go see it! Eat the soma!

  1. Stefan Wagstyl, “Germans becoming increasingly resigned to Grexit” in the Financial Times.

Get those flights booked, because the Continent’s gonna get a lot cheaper pretty soon. The Greeks know that if they can’t secure significant debt relief, their only viable option is to withdraw from the Euro. On a side note, is anyone else alarmed by articles beginning, “Germans becoming increasingly resigned to…”?

  1. Bernard Hare, “How my father gave me a terrifying lesson at 10” for BBC Magazine.

West Yorkshire, 1968. Bernard’s father, a coal miner, took him down the Thirty-Nine to teach him a lesson. Lovely story, but as a language nerd I liked it for the thick Broad Yorkshire dialect peppering the text.

  1. Max Fisher, “A surprisingly fascinating theory for why Canada is so boring” for

Lots of good theories once you get past the temptation to snicker, which I actually did not. Apparently boringness is part of their identity?

  1. Akemi Johnson, “Off Base” for Roads and Kingdoms.

Americans, Okinawans, and Japanese interacting, fighting, loving. Tension between the American bases and the locals rising. Good stuff.

Bonus! Heavy flooding has caused a zoo escape in Tbilisi, Georgia, and the pictures are insane.


It’s time for an Austin week.

  1. Christopher Denny plays “If the Roses Don’t Kill Us” at the Riverview Bungalow.
  1. Jubal’s Lawyer plays “Sandra” for BalconyTV.
  1. Lincoln Durham does “Clementine” live at the Guitar Bar in London.

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