Baby Turtle

Hello everybody! Unfortunately, the editorial board was on vacation this weekend, so in lieu of an op-ed piece we will have a video of a baby turtle eating a raspberry. The archives are here.


This is a video of a baby turtle eating a raspberry.

In other news, Obama finally invades Texas, the ace investigative journalists at Slate dig into the Dad Bod, a domestic abuser punches a Philippine congressman, Martin O’Malley burns down half of Baltimore, we’re running out of non-edible herbivores, and local indigent Bill Clinton is just trying to put food on the table, man.

Interesting Stuff

1. Jon Bois, “Ten Years to Midnight” for SB Nation.

Jon Bois starts a franchise sim on NBA 2K15 and, year after year, introduces draft classes of physically and statistically perfect players: The Immortals. Typically well-written and very funny. Sam Epstein and Mike Mitchell, this one’s for you.

2. Tim Harford, “What a radical Conservative government could do” for the Financial Times.

Harford is generally interesting, but this is a genuinely fascinating look at what a conservative ‘party of ideas’ platform might look like. The Republicans in the US (and, to be fair, Britain’s Conservatives) are so far from this it’s incredible.

3. Minal Hajratwala, “A Brief Guide to Gender in India” in Granta.

Pained, vicious, shocking, ironic, gripping. Not for the faint of heart.

4. Jeremy Hsu, “Lenin’s Body Improves with Age” for Scientific American.

Russia has apparently been preserving Lenin’s body in the Kremlin since his death some ninety years ago. This is why, and how, and why.

5. Photos of the Week on the Atlantic.

Baltimore, Nepal, Cuba, Iraq, London, and more.


1. Townes Van Zandt plays “I’ll See You in the Morning” at a private concert at the Houston Holiday Inn in 1988.

The videos of this concert are some of the rawest, most real pieces of music I’ve ever seen.

2. Spirit Family Reunion, “It Doesn’t Bother Me” for Radio Woodstock.

Let’s balance out Townes with some happy music.

3. Timber Timbre, “Demon Host” live for NPR Music.

This is awesome.


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